CFM 2019

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Workshop "Rheology and Processing of Composites and Concentrated Suspensions" of GFR-AFM

Emmanuelle Abisset-Chavanne, Rudy Valette and Julien Ville

An increasing number of functional and structural parts is re-engineered by replacing metallic materials with reinforced polymers and composites to obtain weight reduction, additional functionalities, and competitive forming processes.

The fillers cover a broad range involving many scales: nano (carbon nanotubes, graphene); micro to millimeter (particles, fibers); centimeter (SMC patches); and macroscopic scale (bundles).

For continuous fiber reinforced polymers, impregnation of reinforcement with a low viscosity polymer involves a (non-)Newtonian fluid flowing in a complex multi-scale microstructure related to the fiber and tow arrangement. The use of charges raises new challenges such as charges dispersion, aggregation, migration, shear thickening…

In this workshop we expect covering advanced techniques related to the multi-scale modelling and simulation of filled polymers and composites processes, involving flowing microstructures and flows inside a multi-scale microstructure.


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